The Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference will be hosted by National Energy Administration on October 18, 2018 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, where ministers of energy administrations and representatives from relevant international organizations will be invited. The major highlight of the conference is Building the "Belt and Road" Energy Partnership. The conference is designed to cover the following topics: ① Belt and Road Energy Partnership as a New Engine for Global Energy Development; ② Energy Investment Facilitation; ③ Future Energy; and ④ Unimpeded Trade of Energy Commodity. The Joint Ministerial Declaration on Building the "Belt and Road" Energy Partnership will also be issued.

  • Senior Officials Meeting of the "Belt and Road" Energy Ministerial Conference
  • Preparation
  • Opening Ceremony
    Moderator:Administrator of Chinese National Energy Administration
    Opening Remarks
  • "Belt and Road" Energy Partnership as a New Engine for Global Energy Development
    Global energy development trends and international energy cooperation demand
    Global economic governance and energy governance
    Opportunities and obstacles facing the B&R energy cooperation
    Better energy policy coordination to support cooperation among enterprises
    Successful B&R energy cooperation cases
  • Future Energy
    Revolutionary changes in energy sector brought by new technologies such as gas hydrate exploitation, geothermal energy utilization, electric vehicle, fuel cell and energy storage
    New energy system models represented by smart microgrids, energy internet, blockchain, and distributed energy
    Integrated multi-energy supply system for the future "zero-carbon city"
    Balance between intellectual property protection and technology cooperation among countries
  • Energy Investment Facilitation
    Main difficulties of cross-border energy investment cooperation and their countermeasures
    Inter-governmental cooperation to reduce investment barriers and facilitate energy cooperation programs
    The way to protect the legitimate interests of transnational investors and host countries
    The way to give better play to financial institutions in energy cooperation
  • Unimpeded Trade of Energy Commodity
    Global energy trade and price trend
    Break down trade barriers to build an inclusive and stable international energy market
    Build regional energy trading network and trading exchange
    Transnational energy facility interconnection and operation
  • Building the "Belt and Road" Energy Partnership banquet

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